2024 NELC In-House Career Accelerator Program (ICAP)

May 1, 2024 – Marriott Marquis, Chicago, IL.

The National Employment Law Council (“NELC”) invites applications to participate in the fifth annual In-House Career Accelerator Program (“ICAP”), to be held in advance of the 2024 NELC Conference in Chicago, IL. ICAP will be on May 1, 2024, prior to the start of the NELC Conference, which will be from May 1-3, 2024. NELC is a non-profit organization charged with enriching minority bar members who represent management in the field of labor and employment law.

ICAP is designed to assist new in-house counsel in transitioning to and building a successful career as part of a corporate law department. ICAP is open to diverse attorneys practicing management-side labor and employment law with three years or less experience working in-house.

ICAP will provide participants with career advancement skills in an intensive and interactive four-hour series of sessions with seasoned in-house practitioners while exposing participants to the NELC’s national network of experienced minority labor and employment attorneys. All ICAP participants will be matched with more senior in-house mentors. Space in the 2024 ICAP will be limited.

To apply for the NELC ICAP, submit the following items no later than March 15, 2024:

A complete application package must be submitted online no later than March 15, 2024.  Early applications are strongly encouraged; late, incomplete, or perfunctory application materials may not be considered. If you do not receive an email confirmation that your application has been received within two business days of submission, please email Vanessa Griffin at to follow up. 

ICAP participation is underwritten by the NELC and its sponsors. Registration is $500.00, which includes the cost of the ICAP program ($150.00) and the NELC Annual Conference registration ($350.00). ICAP Participants or their employers are responsible for travel and accommodations. 

I don’t think I ever absorbed so much information in a more effective way in my life. I made long lasting connections with everyone. I am grateful for this experience.

This was a transformative experience!.

I don’t know how else to emphasize how grateful I am for this opportunity. Thank you all for creating an impactful and career-changing program..

The most important takeaway is that there is a strong community that I can be part of as a junior and as I grow in my career. I hadn’t realized I was missing a sense of community. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and connected and supportive of each other.

The Academy shed light on aspects of diversity that are not often discussed and always overlooked. My experience has made me more mindful that there are others who share the same struggles I have and that is empowering because it demystifies the unrelenting nature of the legal profession and it makes success within it seem that much more attainable..

I LOVED the Academy. It’s the first time since graduating in 2019 that I felt excited about the practice of law and felt like I could belong in this community.

I truly feel that everyone I’ve met is part of my extended family now and I have lifelong friendships that will continue to grow from both a personal and professional level.

I loved seeing so many attorneys, and knowing that we share similar experiences, and that we care for each other. That makes being in this profession 100 times better.

I really appreciate the authentic connections I made and the safe space that was created to allow people to share their authentic selves. On top of that, I learned how to be a better lawyer, and I am forever grateful for that.

I felt affirmed by the various people I spoke to about the challenges I have been facing in my current work environment and the next steps I should consider as I look to the next chapter of my career.

So honored to be a Fellow. I needed the instruction, insight, and perspective provided. Everything was right on time.

We were exposed to a lot of different topics, trainings and mentorship opportunities and although it made for a busy week, it was productive and really maximized the limited time we had together.

I really think the 2023 Academy has the potential to redefine my career and take it in a different trajectory.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2024

For more information, contact Mia Belk at

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